costume service prestige

An elegant & distinctive dress code

A classic dark suit:

  • Ironed pants pleats
  • Buttoned jacket

A classic plain white shirt:

  • Ironed
  • Buttoned collar

An embroidered Service Prestige tie:

  • Sober
  • In the Service Prestige colours

A pair of classic black shoes:

  • With laces
  • In smooth and waxed leather

A pair of classic socks:

  • Plain black
  • Mid-calf

A classic black coat

A welcoming behaviour

« Beware of the first impression... It's the right one » - Talleyrand

  • Be smiling and welcoming
  • Be punctual (cortesy of 15 min)
  • Be discreet and professional (luxury attitude)
  • Speak English properly
  • Always call the passenger by title and last name
  • Take charge of the passenger's luggage
  • Open the vehicle door for the passenger
  • Ensure his comfort in the vehicle
  • Ensure the passenger’s destination
  • Accompany the passenger to his door


A meticulous presentation

A classic dark suit :

  • Cut hair runs without being shaved, clean and styled.
  • A perfect shave (or a short beard trimmed close up)
  • A discreet watch
  • No accessories other than the wedding ring
  • Empty pockets (no phone, no cigarette pack, etc.)

welcoming service prestige


A "Service Prestige" perfume diffused in our limousines

Service Prestige logo on limousines, suits, ties, umbrellas and refreshing wipes.


A Service Prestige music line played in our limousines.


A fleet of grey vehicles, the Service Prestige colour.

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